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BonAView is the most innovative digital photo management software which have no analogs in his class
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11 September 2013

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Managing digital imagery and photos placed over the computer system is one of the most simplified yet tedious tasks to accomplish for anyone; especially when it concerns placement and sorting of large number of pictures that have been stocked over a long period of time. Arranging images in albums is something which most of us have done and enjoy doing up, specially in cases of uploading big albums across the web based sources such as Picasa or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Interactive designing and exclusive interface placement makes picture displays an interesting task to perform and with enhanced tools like Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Similarly, an application like BonAView 1.0.5 can make it easy for a user to place and arrange images as desired and with complete flexibility.

BonAView opens with a compact and organized looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen providing list of controls available for the user to perform the necessary editing functions upon images which include adjusting image brightness and remove any red eyes. This tool facilitates the most enhanced image management and also assists in categorizing and rating the image files stored and easily sort and manage the image collections from hundreds to even a million. The intuitive and neat 3D interface makes it possible to store up high quality images and display them easily while generating high quality thumbnails and showcase them in 3D space. There are several automatic tools available which helps in correcting the color balance of the images and enhance their quality in the process.

To conclude, BonAView 1.0.5 certainly works as a simplified and enhanced utility which can help the users in working with images and their editing procedures and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

BonAView is the most innovative digital photo management software which have no analogs in his class. It provides an ultimate image management and organization tools which helps you to categorize and rate your image files, and manage photo collections of any size - from a few hundred to a few millions.
BonAView's Viewer window lets you view your digital photos with an easy-to-use intuitive 3D interface. BonAView's image viewer will generate high-quality thumbnails of your images and display them like interactive pictures in 3D space. Here you can navigate, rotate, flip horizontally or vertically your images at one click. It so easy like watching TV.
Also, BonAView includes a wide variety of image editing tools you can use to create, and edit your digital images. Use tools such as red-eye reduction, rotation, sharpen, blur, and many others to enhance or correct your images. You can also use a set of automatic enhancement tools which automatically correct the color balance of your photos, that will make your digital images more better.
Also, BonAView provides a powerful image searching tool, which will help you to find exactly what you want. With a filtering tool you will reject the waste browse or search results.
BonAView Photo Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use, and good-looking image viewing and management system, that will be useful for everyone from beginners to professionals.
Version 1.9
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